DisplayMate has long been testing and ranking smartphone displays, and for the last several years Samsung has had a lock on the top spot. That is not changing with the release of the Galaxy S7. Dr. Raymond Soneira has once again found Samsung's latest display to be the best around, and an improvement over last year's Super AMOLED.

Samsung has kept the same 1440p resolution this year, and instead focused on making those pixels perform better. According to DisplayMate, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge manage a much higher maximum brightness, and the contrast is better in bright ambient light. The Galaxy S6 reached an impressive 784 nits of brightness, and the Galaxy S7 hits 855 nits. The automatic brightness setting is even customizable based on your usage, which apparently makes a big difference. Color accuracy is also dead on.


DisplayMate also tested the always-on display mode and found that it only consumes about 3-5% of maximum display power. It might actually be worth leaving on if that's all it takes. However, the overall display efficiency is unchanged compared to the GS6. At least the battery is bigger, right? You can check out the exhaustive full display analysis on DisplayMate if you want all the details.