The ZenFone 2 series has gained no small amount of acclaim since its introduction thanks to good specs and low prices, and the Laser variant with its laser auto-focus module is the one to get if you want a better camera experience. Low prices and good hardware are the sea in which the Android modder swims, so naturally the Team Win Recovery Project has supported the line well. Now they've released an official version of their custom recovery for the ZenFone 2 Laser. You can download it now from the TWRP website.

In addition to the new recovery, the older versions of the ZenFone 2 have been given a bit of a naming reshuffle on the TWRP website. Now the original vanilla ZenFone 2 is the "ZenFone 2 720p," and the two models of the Laser phone have been given specific pages, the ZenFone 2 Laser 1080p (Z00T) and the ZenFone 2 Laser 720p (Z00L). Apparently the hardware tiers are different enough that they require specifically tailored recoveries (if only for the different screen resolutions), so make sure you've grabbed the right one. 

Asus offers a bootloader unlock tool for the ZenFone line, so you won't need to use any unwieldy community tools to flash recovery, root, or whatever else you need to customize your experience. Considering the poor reviews Asus' custom software has been getting, it might turn out to be a popular option.