Do you like Qualcomm's Quick Charge? Are you impatiently waiting for all devices and accessories to be compatible with Quick Charge 3.0? Then OPPO is about to rain on your parade with its Super VOOC technology. And I mean really rain.

Announced and demoed at MWC, Super VOOC is the evolution of OPPO's VOOC (yeah, they like capitalizing things) fast charging technology. It uses a new low-voltage pulse-charge system, a new dynamic algorithm for current regulation, and a new customized battery. The charger, adapter, and cable connector have also been upgraded to use military-grade materials. The end result is a setup capable of fully charging a 2500mAh battery in an OPPO phone in 15 minutes. The future is here, folks. Buckle up and let's ride together into the unknown.

OPPO's post about Super VOOC doesn't detail how this incredibly fast charging speed is attained, but it does outline the benefits: low voltage for more safety and stability, no temperature spikes or over-heating issues, and possible phone usage while fast charging. It also says that it's compatible with both MicroUSB and USB Type-C.

Now I know what you're thinking. We've seen countless claims of super fast battery charging technologies, but they were all proofs of concept or still very far away from availability. OPPO doesn't give a specific timeline, but it says that unlike them, "Super VOOC has already reached the final stages of reliability testing." It expects to put it into commercial products in the near future.