Are Microsoft Garage's resources infinite? I sure think so. The program keeps fostering and releasing new Android apps on the Play Store faster than Kairosoft can pump out simulation games. Sometimes, they're quirky apps that just want to make your mornings worse and other times they're interesting apps that grow to become useful projects like Next Lockscreen and Arrow Launcher. Today's new releases could be either: they're limited in scope but have what is needed to be very useful in their niche.

Sprightly caters to a limited audience of business owners who work on a small scale and want to manage their media communications themselves. The app imports your images and has templates to create catalogs, price lists, flyers, and even e-cards for those times when you need to share your festive hopes with your customers. The result can be shared on WhatsApp and Facebook, which is where you're likely in contact with most of your clientele already.

Kaizala is more of a workplace management app that seems limited geographically for now. Given its Marathi name, I'm inclined to think it's an India-only application, but it could be accessible in other countries as well. Kaizala works more like a team communication app, with group and private chats, location requests for team members, and photo sharing, but it also has more developed features like bill submission, job assignment, availability requests and sharing, and more.

Both apps can be downloaded from the Play Store for free at the links below.