Today at MWC, Sony announced four new connected gadgets which it hopes will let people look up from their phone screens more and engage the world around them. The products include a bluetooth earpiece, a wearable camera, a vertical projector, and a friendly robot, which are respectively called the Xperia Ear, Xperia Eye, Xperia Projector, and Xperia Agent.

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Xperia Eye

Three of those products are actually just concepts: only the Xperia Ear has an expected launch date, and it won't come out until later this summer. The remaining products — the Eye, Projector, and Agent — are nowhere to be seen here at MWC and it will likely take some time for them to get to market, if they do at all. For now, all we have about them is a wishful concept video, the kind you might find on an Indiegogo flex-funding campaign.

The demo video shows the Xperia Ear sending and reading out text messages via voice commands, with presumably several other actions in the works too. The Xperia Eye is a sort of clip-on camera that would enable the wearer to take photos without even having to press any button. It also feels slightly creepy.

Xperia Agent

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The Xperia Projector might potentially be one of the more useful gadgets, and would let users project and interact with images on a flat surface such as a wall or table. Finally, the Xperia Agent is a tiny robot which greets its owners as they walk through the door. It may or may not end up working something like Amazon's Echo, but we'll have to wait for Sony to reveal more concrete plans.

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