A thermal camera smartphone may not sound like the most useful thing to you in the world, but there's little doubt a niche market for such a thing probably exists, not to mention the undeniable cool factor. And by cool, I mean hot. As in heat. Temperature jokes. The CAT S60 (our announcement post here) features the same thermal imaging sensor found in FLIR's FLIR One dongles for Android and iOS devices, and that's a damn good system - we reviewed it.

By slapping it inside a smartphone, FLIR has eliminated one of the major complaints about the device. Namely: it wasn't in a smartphone. We took a quick look at the CAT S60, the first smartphone to feature a built-in thermal camera, and yes: it works. The CAT S60 is incredibly thick, drop-proof to 1.5m, waterproof to 5m for an hour, and is generally a tough-ass phone. Why put a thermal camera in it? Better question: why not?