In January, Outlook's team announced a couple of additions to its app, including Skype call scheduling, improved views, and an option to change the first day of the week to Monday or Saturday. The first two features went live immediately after that in version 2.0.25, but the last one wasn't implemented until now.

That feature was highly requested by users of the app, especially since many countries of the world don't regard Sunday as the first day of the week. Here in Lebanon and in many European countries, Monday kicks off our week, whereas many Arab countries consider Saturday to be their week's start. So it's good that you can finally set it up according to your personal or your country's preference.

The change went live in version 2.0.38, which carries a couple of other new features like additional settings when scheduling emails and better visibility for flagged messages. Here's the full changelog and the Play Store download link. You can try APK Mirror if that doesn't cut it for you.


Don't want your week to start on Sundays? You can now set it the start on Saturdays and Mondays as well right from the Settings.
More options are now available when scheduling an email, including schedule to this weekend or next week.
Flagged messages now have a tinted background, making them easier to spot in your inbox.