It's that time of the announcement cycle: as everyone fawns over Samsung's newest toys, carriers are tripping over themselves to tell you when you can buy them. The "big five" US carriers have all confirmed their support for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, to greater or lesser degrees, which are expected to land in various markets sometime in March. Let's break it down, shall we?

AT&T says it's happy to take your pre-orders for the new phones starting on February 23rd, and they'll be available in retail stores on March 11th. They'd also like you to know that in addition to official Death Star service, they integrate well with DirecTV. As does literally any other AT&T phone. The Galaxy S7's stock 32GB model will run you $23.17 per month for 24 months, or $556 and change outright. The bigger, curvier Galaxy S7 Edge is $26.50 per month ($636 outright). Colors are black and gold for both phones, plus a silver option for the S7 Edge. There's no mention of the larger 64GB capacity.

Over on Verizon, pre-orders also open up on February 23rd, but the actual prices, release dates, and other unimportant information are left blank. You can give Big Red your email address and wait for a reply, though. There will be an "exclusive online offer," which is probably just the $650 carrier switching incentive that Verizon is currently advertising.

Sprint is finally extending its iPhone promotional program to Android devices, calling it the "Galaxy Forever" system. (Sounds kind of like an indie spacefaring craft game on Steam.) It isn't much different than the standard payment/lease setup: buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on Sprint and pay your tab for 12 months, and after that you can trade up to next year's model. Other than that, the carrier's prices are $27.09 a month for the Galaxy S7 ($650) or $31.25 for the S7 Edge ($750), considerably more expensive than the AT&T models. Sprint also offers a buy one, get one half off deal.

T-Mobile lags behind the pack. The "uncarrier" has posted support pages for both phones, but has yet to post promotional pages or tell customers how expensive they'll be. Expect that info to be made available on Monday, when normal people and non-tech bloggers go back to work. US Cellular issued a press release that said it will begin pre-orders on the 23rd and sales on March 11th. Prices are $28 a month for the S7 and $32.50 for the S7 Edge, $672 and $780 outright, by far the most expensive of the US carriers so far. 

UK readers, you folks can pre-order the new Samsung phones as early as right-freakin'-now, if you so desire. Vodafone is already taking pre-orders, and those who put their money down before March 6th will get their phones on March 8th, three days before all the regular retail suckers. Just don't feel too smug: you'll be paying the same rates as everyone else, which depend on which data plan you buy.

Remember, all Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge pre-orders come with a free Gear VR for your new phone (or should, at any rate).