If you have a connected security camera somewhere without a dedicated application, chances are you're using tinyCam to login remotely and stream the video feed to your device. The app is one of the best in its niche and gets frequent updates to stay current with design guidelines and add cool features like a Wear client and a built-in web server.

With version 6.5, tinyCam is getting even better. The app now supports immersive mode on Android — better late than never, eh? — to hide the status bar and navigation buttons. It really makes a lot of sense in the context of video: the more screen estate you have, the better it is.


There's also a new "Pin to home" option from multiple videos and layouts, which adds a homescreen shortcut to the specific setup that you pinned. The previously introduced Wear app also gets zoom in and out buttons, allowing you to have control over what you see on your tiny watch's screen.

tinycam-pin-to-home tinycam-shortcuts

There's also a new experimental hardware decoder, a public API for the web server, and plenty of other small improvements and additions that the developer outlines in the full changelog:

tinyCam Monitor PRO 6.5 released.

- Immersive full-screen mode in live view for Android 4.4 and above with improved animation. https://goo.gl/huLVFJ
- New experimental Hardware+ H.264/H.265 decoder. https://goo.gl/t9Pd7P
- Zoom buttons for Android Wear app https://goo.gl/njKl7C
- Pin to home from multiple page layout menu. Saves current page and tag into homescreen shortcut.
- Internal watchdog for automatic restarting background mode or web server in case of crash. Robust 24/7 recording.
- Public API for web server and redesigned landing page. https://goo.gl/EC2nBh
- Switch shown in app drawer when server enabled.
- Start background mode right from web server. https://goo.gl/GJxTRg
- Statistics in notification for web server.
- Memory optimization (less RAM usage) in live view.
- Fixed jerky live view on some cameras, e.g. Amcrest.
- Support for Vimtag (Fujikam), Annke cloud cameras.
- 2-w audio for Amcrest and D-Link some models.
- Layouts 2-4 are mapped to 3-4.

Most of these options are available in the free version of tinyCam, but it looks like you'll need the $3.99 Pro update if you want everything listed here. The download links to both are provided below.