LG is still cheekily announcing bits and pieces of its G5 flagship before the phone itself. After hinting at the always-on display and unveiling a fancy touch cover for the phone, it's now ramping up expectations about the audio performance of the G5 by announcing a collaboration with B&O PLAY, a sub-division of Bang & Olufsen, the well respected Danish audio and video company.

LG doesn't reveal much about the fruits of its collaboration, just that it will keep "LG as the undisputed leader in smartphone audio." Another vague blurb from the press release is this:

The two companies have been working closely together on the new LG G5 to ensure the best sound experience to the customers. LG will be the first company to offer the powerful Hi-Fi audio features co-designed by B&O PLAY.

This doesn't make it clear whether the B&O collaboration will show up in the G5's speakers, headphone port, in-the-box headphones, as an add-on through the rumored expansion slot, or any or all of the above. It's only a couple of days until Sunday and the G5's official announcement so I suppose we won't have to wait long before having all of our answers.

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