Before Skype was known for video, it was known for placing calls. These began as one-on-one exchanges, but eventually the service started letting multiple users converse in groups. Then the service introduced the ability to chat in groups over video, but only on desktop platforms. Now that's changing.

Skype announced a month ago that group video calling was on its way to mobile devices, and it rolled out a means for eager early adopters to test out the feature beforehand. Now the functionality is hitting accounts in North America and Western Europe.

When you take part in a group video call on a phone or tablet, you can view the conversation in two ways. One option is to line up all participants in a grid, keeping an eye on everyone at once. Or you can have Skype switch the focus to the person speaking.

Skype is also increasing the number of people who can have a video call from 5 to 25. To help you hit that number, Skype has brought over the ability to invite people to a call by sharing links.

Skype expects the initial rollout to be complete within a week or so. Global exchange should happen next month.

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Skype - free IM & video calls
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