When Vimeo got its much needed interface revamp update at the end of last year, plenty of things got better in the app. It was faster, smoother, less of an offense to good design, and generally really better. However, it was missing an important feature for any Android video streaming app: Chromecast support.

At the time, we were told that we'd have to wait until Q1 2016 for Chromecast support to be built into the app, and lo-and-behold, the team is honoring its original timeline. Version 2.1 of Vimeo is live in the Play Store and it enables you to cast all videos to your big TV screen instead of watching them on your small phone's display. It also fixes a couple of bugs and issues too, because what's an app update without that.

Here's the full, and quirky, changelog below with a link to grab the free Vimeo app from the Play Store if you haven't already installed it.


A month after your bday, you receive a card. It serenades you with a 90s slow jam before you slam it shut, mortified. But you smile — because Grandma loves you. *And* because Chromecast has arrived.
Late is better than never, and Vimeo loves you a ton too, and now you can tap the Chromecast icon to seamlessly stream videos to your big screen. We appreciate your patience, pals!
Oh and we fixed some bugs and crashing issues, also.

Developer: Vimeo.com, Inc.
Price: Free+