The Google Pixel C is a bit of a conundrum. It's a nice piece of hardware, but Android 6.0 still doesn't feel entirely at home on large tablets. This wasn't helped by some strange touchscreen issues that plagued many Pixel C units at launch. AnandTech has gotten some hands-on time with the next big Pixel C update and is reporting that the touchscreen is vastly improved.

With the launch firmware, the Pixel C has a tendency to miss presses and lose track of your finger during swipes. Full disclosure, my unit is not nearly as bad as the one in the video below. It might vary somewhat from one tablet to the next. Google provided AnandTech a Pixel C running an unreleased version of Android 6.0.1 that will be rolled out to all devices at some point.

After testing the new software, AnandTech declares touch input is completely fixed. AnandTech does note that Chrome performance is still kind of bad, but well... that's Chrome. You can see the improvement in overall responsiveness in the video below.

In addition to improving the screen's accuracy, the color characteristics have been tweaked slightly. You probably won't notice anything major in that respect. Google has not said when this update will roll out. The software provided to AnandTech still has the February update build number, but apparently the OTA with these fixes will be a new public build.