Twitter has made some less than popular decisions in the past, but who can really argue with GIFs? GIFs are great, and now you can add them to your posts more easily. Or rather, you will be able to soon. In different moving picture news, videos are coming to direct messages.

The GIF search feature will be added to the official Twitter app over the coming weeks. It's powered by Giphy and the Riffsy GIF keyboard. Just search for keywords and you'll get GIF results to be attached to your Tweet. You can also browse GIFs in various categories. I should point out, as you're reading this you should be pronouncing "GIF" with a hard G. You know it's right.

Also new is support for videos in direct messages. Twitter says this one is available "today," but that it's rolling out globally. No length of time was given for this change, so it might be there now or it might take a while.