Good news for HTC One M9 owners on T-Mobile! Your Android 6.0 cravings should soon be satiated. HTC VP of Product Management Mo Versi has announced on Twitter that an OTA is set to go out on Tuesday, February 16th.

This update comes around the time the One M9 is receiving updates on other carriers. Sprint started pushing out its update last week. AT&T's was set to go out earlier, but complications arose, so for now, M9 owners on that carrier have to wait.

Despite being the current flagship, the M9 is not HTC's first device to receive Marshmallow. That title went to the A9, which launched running the latest version of Android. Then the M8 managed to beat the M9 to the punch. Fortunately this isn't a race, right?

According to T-Mobile's support page, this over-the-air update is now live.