Verizon is continuing to tweak its offerings to better compete with the upstart T-Mobile, this time offering bonus data for anyone who signs up for its larger data plans. For a limited time, you can get 2GB of extra data each month when you sign up for the XL or XXL data buckets. If you've got more than one phone on your account, they each earn the bonus 2GB.

This deal is available to current customers who step up to the larger plans, as well as those who switch to Verizon and open new accounts. The XL plan comes with 12GB of shared data for $80 and the XXL has 18GB for $100. Verizon is pushing the idea that it's giving away 24GB per year for each phone, which makes it sound like a lot more. Still, with a few lines, you could get a nice boost to your data cap.

The 2GB bonuses are all dumped into the single shared bucket and not locked to individual devices. Verizon says this deal is valid forever if you sign up, but has not said when the promo will be over.