Phone manufacturers are having a harder and harder time getting our attention when it comes to drumming up interest for new releases. LG decided that cheeky marketing would be best when announcing cases and covers for phones that don't officially exist yet. In contrast, Samsung has decided to be just plain baffling. In the "Seven Days of Unboxing" promotion, Samsung lets someone see the new phone (which is almost certainly a Galaxy S7 and/or S7 Edge) for 30 seconds, after which they get to make an artist's interpretation for the audience.

The first day features a little kid named Tyson. Tyson drew a picture of the Galaxy S7 that's basically a rectangular phone with a flower on the front. Which, admittedly, is pretty much what you would call any smartphone with the appropriate wallpaper. Nicely done, Tyson.

On day two, things begin to get insane when a llama named Kuzco (after Disney's The Emperor's New Groove) is given the same test, this time with a canvas and paint. Now, llamas give excellent wool, can haul packs over mountain terrain, and make suitable guards for other livestock, but no one would accuse them of being particularly artistic. The results of Kuzco's "painting" are predictable.

There are five days left in the promotion - I can only assume that Samsung will invite a parrot, a dog, PewDiePie, the disembodied spirit of Bob Ross, and a small rosebush to perform the same ritual. 

Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which have already been significantly leaked, on February 21st at the latest Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress. You can bask in the company's slick marketing at the official Seven Days of Unboxing website.