Smartphones have replaced digital cameras as the primary way millions of people take photos. But these days, many devices don't let users pop in a microSD card to store their photos as they would on a dedicated device. Companies have come up with an alternative solution by letting you upload and store your images on their servers.

Apple has iCloud, and Google has Google Photos. Dropbox, Microsoft, and most any other service that lets you back up files remotely will gladly host all of your photos too. Flickr is an option that's dedicated exclusively to your photos, and so is Everalbum. This app popped up for iOS in 2013 and has since attracted users in over 80 countries. The software sits in the App Store with over 4.5 stars.

Now it's making its way to Android. Already Everalbum is seeing its fastest growth take place outside of the US, and this is bound to increase that trend. Everalbum says much of its adoption is happening in Australia, Brazil, India, Taiwan, and the UK.

As for what Everalbum brings to the table, it's largely what you're already used to, just presented differently. Everalbum automatically backs up your photos, but it provides the option to clear up space on your phone as you do. This means immediately giving up your local copy and entrusting your images to an icon of a hot air balloon.


Like Google Photos, Everalbum saves an unlimited number of compressed photos for free. Upgrading to Everalbum Plus will let you save your photos at full resolution and store an unlimited number of videos. Doing so will cost you $9.99 a month or $99 for a full year.

Ever - Capture Your Memories
Ever - Capture Your Memories