You may not have paid much money for that new Nexus 5X, but the cost doesn't stop there. That single charger the phone came with simply isn't enough. You need one for your car, one to connect to your computer, one to keep in your bag, and one for every outlet of every room in the house, give or take a couple.

To make the process even less pleasant, you can't just go to Amazon and snag any cheap cable you see. Some can do permanent damage to the gadget you're trying to charge. Googler Benson Leung lost a 2nd gen Chromebook Pixel to a no-name charger.

Leung has approved the Tronsmart USB Type C-to-A cables listed below, and you can also snag Quick Charge 3.0-compatible chargers for your car and power outlets while you're at it. Make sure to enter the coupon codes next to each product before checking out.