Google has been on a kick lately with Android ads featuring the "Be together. Not the same" slogan, and the latest uses a piano to make its point. The ad shows what it would be like if all those keys were the same instead of different, which is fun and kind of clever. However, the @Android Twitter account got a little carried away with the letter "C."

First, here's the ad.

That's Beethoven's piano sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor (Moonlight). When played with all the different keys, it's the iconic song we all know. When the musician switches to a piano where all the keys are the same, it sucks. Having explored this concept, the Tweets below might make a little sense.

And it goes on like that. If you hadn't seen the ad and saw that pop up in your feed, you would probably think @Android had been hacked. But no, they were just really committed to the concept. If instead of all the different letters that make up words, they were all the same, you wouldn't have any idea what was going on. In this case, #CccCccCccc is "#NotTheSame."

It's kind of amusing, but also relies on the audience to have already seen the ad. The account eventually wised up and started including the video with all the Tweets so people could piece together what was going on. Oh, Google. What wacky thing will they do next?