You may have heard: YouTube is getting into music in a big way. The Google-owned service has been a hotbed of music videos and independent artists almost since its inception, and lately pushes like YouTube Music and YouTube Red are formalizing that relationship. The latest progression comes out of left field: YouTube (and by extension, Google/Alphabet) has purchased BandPage, a service that helps artists and groups create website profiles specifically for music.

The acquisition was announced on BandPage's company blog, and the terms of the sale were not disclosed. BandPage uses a WYSIWIG editor for easy website creation, and publishing music or videos on the site allows for easy distribution on YouTube, Spotify, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, and other music and social websites all over the Internet. According to BandPage, it serves over half a million users at the time of writing.

The specific terms of the acquisition weren't disclosed, but based on the language in the post, it doesn't look like BandPage is going anywhere soon. "The team has a lot of things planned to help musicians succeed on the platform, and more broadly across the BandPage network," according to the blog. More robust musical profile tools on YouTube, and perhaps even integration with other music services, seems like a likely goal of the purchase.