HTC tried (and failed) to get all its Lollipop updates taken care of in 90 days last year, but this time they were not so ambitious as to make any promises. They aren't doing bad, though. After earlier getting approval from T-Mobile to push Android 6.0 to the M9, now Verizon is also scheduled for February 16th.

The news comes by way of HTC's Mo Versi on Twitter. He also called out a technical manager who pushed for the update to get approval for Tuesday, and sadly that person is now included in all the replies asking why the hell some other update isn't ready yet. Poor guy.

The Marshmallow update for the M9 will add all the usual goodies like Doze mode and Now on Tap. That, of course, implies that Now on Tap is good... which it is not yet. There are only a few more HTC One variants waiting on the Android 6.0 update, and then there's the A9 that launched with it. HTC is trying, at least.