Those of you with a Sony device are in for a treat today. Well, maybe not a treat, but something kind of fun that you can install on your phone. Is that still a treat? I don't know. I guess just calling it a weather app is more accurate. Am I rambling? At any rate, the Xperia Weather app has left beta and is live in the Play Store.

You've probably seen a lot of weather apps in your time, so you can probably evaluate this app pretty quickly from the screenshots. That's good because it probably doesn't work on your phone. The Xperia Weather app only works on, you guessed it, Xperia devices. It offers current conditions with temperature, wind, humidity, and more. There's also a 3-day forecast and nifty background images to match the weather. There's a widget for your home screen as well.

The beta program will continue to exist, if you want to join that. New builds will hit that channel first. Apparently a few bug fixes are coming to the beta in a few days. The app is also on APK Mirror, but no one has uploaded the new build quite yet.

Price: Free