You could think of the Galaxy View as an Android-powered all-in-one computer that isn't tethered to a wall. The 18.4-inch tablet is so much larger than the competition that early images showed it being carried around like a briefcase. It launched at $599.99, but after only two weeks of availability, Samsung dropped the price by $100.

Now the number is dipping down again. If you head over to Amazon, you can pick up a Galaxy View for $449.00. The price doesn't show up until you add the device to your cart, but the $50 drop is legit. B&H is selling the oversized tablet for the same price. So is Best Buy.

Those of you who like the idea of using the View as a portable TV of sorts should check out the handful of dedicated apps Samsung produced exclusively for the tablet, including one for watching CNN and another for enjoying photos. There's also another that lets you control the tablet using your phone as a remote.