Do you like music? Do you want to listen to as much music as you can, online and offline, from albums you know and others you don't, legally, without ads, and for as little money as possible? Then boy have I got some awesome news for you! Google Play Music subscription gifts are discounted by 50% today and until February 15.

What is that? You want to gift yourself? Sure you can. Here's all the good news:

  • All subscription tiers are discounted: 1 month $9.99 -> $4.99, 3 months $29.96 -> $14.98, 6 months $59.94 -> $$29.97.
  • We know that the discount is valid in the US and the UK, but other countries should probably have it too.
  • The gifts can be applied to any account and you can send them to your loved ones or simply email them to yourself, you selfish asssspiring music guru.
  • They're also stackable up to 5 years of subscription, so if you have an active subscription for 6 more months, you can add 9 new 6-month gifts to total 5 years. If you're a new subscriber, you can stack 10 gifts. And so on.
  • The subscription includes YouTube Red in countries where it's available, but users with an active Red subscription won't be able to apply the gift to their accounts. They'll need to cancel their subscription (don't worry, you'll get to keep the duration of your current subscription), and then apply the gifts. It's weird like that.
  • The gifts can't be applied toward Family Plans.

You should be able to see the offer when visiting the Play Store or by heading to the source link below. Happy listening and humming. Try not to deafen everyone with your out of tune voice though, OK?

  • Thanks:
  • Moshe,
  • Ben