Out of all the watch maker applications on Android, Pujie Black is my favorite. I find the interface easier than WatchMaker, plus it's accessible on Android instead of requiring a web browser like Facer. I also love that I paid once for the app and I can get all of the community's creations for free and edit them to fit my personal needs. There's a learning curve to figuring out what everything does inside the app, but once you've got the hang of it, there are hundreds of things you can change to specifically tailor it to your preference. I personally like seeing my steps, the date, and PST timing (Artem's timezone) as the 3 Pujie indicators, and I love having a tap action to play/pause Pocket Casts specifically. It makes it easier to resume and pause listening to my podcasts from my watch without fiddling with my phone, watch apps, or any voice actions.

This long intro is just to say that I love Pujie Black and I'm super happy to see that the app got updated with almost every single thing I had wished it had while using it. First, this new version 3.3 of the Android app has a new interface with a side drawer for accessing presets, importing codes, and changing settings. And instead of being laid out in a long expanding list, customizable items are now divided into tabs, with the most useful change being the separation between interactive and ambient elements. I hated that they were all jumbled up in the old interface.

Second, there's now a central color palette that lets you change all similarly-colored items with one tap instead of having to go select each one and apply the color manually. That's fantastic because I have a few preferred designs that I'd love to make several color iterations of and now I can do that easily.

Third, tap actions can now launch Android's Shortcuts, which means that you won't require Tasker to perform some basic functions like placing calls or navigating Home. Fourth, is the new preset screen layout that lets you organize your presets alphabetically (finally), search them, and display both the interactive and ambient design next to each other. If you have over 30 presets like I do, this is a much welcome change.

And fifth, well... fifth is a list of over a dozen changes that I'll just paste from the changelog:


- New Material UI. Color adjusts to your preset, to make it feel welcome :)
- Navigation drawer
- New UI for the preset library
- Search in the preset library and choose to sort your presets alphabetically or by recently used
- Rearranged customization section in separate tabs
- Directly change the current palette
- Improved the UI of the color picker
- 'Shortcuts' as an option for the Tap Actions
- 3 new watch hands
- 3 new battery indicators
- 5 new default presets
- Digital timezone indicators
- Roman numerals for the hours
- WiFi on/off/toggle actions
- Separate ambient battery level colors
- The option to hide the indicator background, indicator bed and the indicator lines
- Options to change the weather metrics for wind (miles\hour) and rain volume (inches)
- Massive and Gigantic option for digital clock
- Calendar selection separated by account

Here are screenshots of the all new Pujie Black followed by a link to get it on the Play Store. It costs $1.79 but if you ask me, it's well worth the price because you'll be getting an almost infinite amount of watchfaces to deck your wrist with.