Googler Luke Wroblewski continues to share stimulating changelogs for the preview version of Google+ on the web, and we're happy to point you toward what is new.

For starters, enter a community and search for a person's name. If they're a member, they will pop up. This is because Google+ now lets you search through the members of a community.

On a completely separate note, this update also lets you select multiple photos in the file picker window and upload them to a single post at once. This is the kind of change that I imagine makes it easier to post these Google+ changelogs.

The latest update also lets you approve or reject comments that Google+ suspects of being spam. Your input is needed here, since you may actually just have particularly spammy friends.

What's New:

  • 102 bug fixes
  • Search for members in a Community
  • Approve or reject comments we (G+) flag as spam
  • Upload multiple images at once (from your device) to a post

To reiterate, this is the Google+ that appears in a desktop browser, not the mobile app that recently started notifying you of missed posts.