Google Drive has been giving us notifications about new shared files and requests to access our files for several months, but the notification setting was only accessible from Drive on the web. If you were wondering how to turn it off after you saw it on your phone, you were probably stumped. That's why the Drive team is rolling out an update that adds a Notification pane in the app's settings, which allows you to toggle them on or off.

The settings also let you pick a sound, enable vibration, and choose whether you get notified only for new shared items, or for requests for access, or both.

If you often name cell ranges in Sheets to easily find them and use them in formulas, you'll also be happy to know that those named ranges aren't restricted to the web anymore, but will be visible from Sheets on Android too.

The notification setting update is already live in the Play Store, but it might not be live for everyone just yet. In that case, you can always grab the corresponding APK to your device on APK Mirror.

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