There are smartphones that you can get for cheap, and then there are cheap smartphones. The K7 handset that LG announced at this year's CES is decidedly the latter. It's now available from T-Mobile, and it will only cost you $139.99. In leasing terms, that's $5.84 on your bill for twenty-four months.

The K7 is not going to melt your eyeballs. Yes, the phone has a 5-inch display, but with a low 854x480 screen resolution, you're likely to spot a pixel or two. But you also get a 1.1GHz Snapdragon 210 processor, 1.5GM of RAM, and a 5MP camera.

This is more RAM and screen size than you find on the Moto E, which is the kind of entry-level phone that LG is competing with. Though, the Moto E has dropped in price, and these days you can snag one for around $100 with LTE. And yes, the K7 has LTE as well.

Sadly, the K7 launches with Android 5.1. Considering how long Marshmallow has been around, this is a bit disappointing. It's even more so when you consider that budget devices don't always have the best luck with updates. So keep that in mind as you consider handing over your money to T-Mobile.