Two weeks ago, Motorola's Dave Schuster told everyone that the Moto G 2nd gen's Marshmallow update was being soak tested in India and since it doesn't seem like there were any glaring issues reported with the OTA, the update is now ready to roll to everyone.

Motorola updated the phone's support pages in India to include the new software version and a detailed changelog with all of Android 6.0's improvements and added features like granular app permissions, app standby and doze mode, Direct Share, Now on Tap, and the ability to adopt SD cards as internal storage which should be welcome for the Moto G 2nd gen's owners. It also removes Motorola Migrate and Motorola Alert, and improves Motorola Assist.


The update should be rolling out OTA to everyone, but it'll likely go gradually in batches, so start checking for it in your phone's settings and be patient if it doesn't show up instantly.

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  • Zeeshan Hussain Yatoo