The G4 is LG's latest flagship phone, but the G3 is still a slick piece of hardware. At this point we're approaching the end of its software support cycle, but the hardware is more than adequate to keep most folks satisfied for another year or two. And if you consider the existence of CyanogenMod nightlies, there's a solid chance owners will get to run a few more major versions of Android on this thing.

So if all of this sounds good, you can currently pick up a brand new LG G3 on eBay for $209.99. When we last visited the G3 in June, it cost $329. According to math, this is substantially less.

Black is out of stock, but you can get the device in white. These are AT&T unlocked models, so you're free to take them to T-Mobile if you want, though you may want to check the bands to gauge whether you will get fast speeds in your area. Shipping is free in the US. The seller is willing to ship to various other countries though, so it's still worth taking a look if you live elsewhere.