LG is not beating around the bush when it comes to its MWC announcement. We know it's going to be the G5, and we now know a little more about the feature set. According to LG Mobile on Facebook, this phone will include "Always On" display functionality.

The GIF above (LG really likes GIFs suddenly) gives us a glimpse of the device's silhouette and the apparent always-on display. LG didn't go into detail about how this screen feature would work. The GIF shows a clock and notification icons. It's not clear if the user would be able to interact with any of them.

There are plenty of devices that have some sort of sleeping display mode, for example Motorola's Moto Display. It's not literally always-on, though. Calling this an always-on display is an interesting choice of words; do they really mean always? If LG used an AMOLED panel it would be easier on the battery, but burn-in is a consideration. An LCD wouldn't burn-in, but it would destroy the battery.

There were previous rumors that the G5 would have a ticker display like the LG V10, but this teaser makes me doubt that. It wouldn't make much sense to have a ticker and always-on display mode—there's a big feature overlap there. What we see above is clearly the main display. We'll know for sure what LG is up to on February 21st, just like Samsung.