The Team Win Recovery Project can be considered the most popular, best supported custom recovery available for Android devices. This is the kind of software you need to flash custom ROMs or make a complete backup of your device. Recently Team Win introduced support for two more devices. Yes, those two, but also the HTC One A9 and the Galaxy Trend.

The One A9 is an overpriced HTC device that I would say looks uncomfortably close to an iPhone. The Galaxy Trend is a cheap Samsung handset from over two years ago with a 480 by 800 4-inch screen and 512MB of RAM. The former is still supported, but flashing a custom ROM may be appealing if you want to get rid of HTC's UI tweaks. The latter could use a custom ROM because it's old, forgotten, and in need of some love.

You can download TWRP for each device from the source links below. Special thanks go out to the software maintainers that made this happen.