Talon swooped in a few years ago to fill the void left by the departure of Falcon Pro, and it was one of the first apps to get ready for the big Android 5.0 redesign. Now, Talon is getting an update to v4.0.0 with a number of notable changes. Plus, there's the option to give the developer more money because you just kind of want to, or whatever.

  • [New] Become a 2016 SUPPORTER from settings (does not provide app enhancements)
  • [New] Dual panel main screen to view 2 timelines at once (tablets in landscape)
  • [New] Access quick actions (like, retweet, reply) on a tweet by pressing the date
  • [New] Tablet layouts
  • [New] Faster account switching and improved drawer
  • [Improve] Favorite user notifications no longer require timeline notifications to be turned on
  • [Improve] Removing a liked tweet will also remove it from the "Liked Tweets" section of the app
  • [Improve] Drawer styling
  • [Improve] Phone rotation when viewing lists from the list section of the drawer
  • [Fix] Image viewer when battery saver is on
  • [Fix] Other various bug fixes

If you use Talon on a tablet, you'll probably be pretty jazzed about the layout changes. You can finally get two columns in landscape mode, making much better use of the space. Quick actions are also more, umm... quick on all devices—press the date and you can like, reply, or retweet. It has kind of a holo thing going on, though, doesn't it?

As for this supporter option, it's an additional $3, $6, or $10 in-app purchase available in the new version. You don't get anything for it, except maybe a sense of contentment from the knowledge you've helped a downtrodden developer. It's reminiscent of the supporter program recently added to Action Launcher. There's a full pitch for the supporter option in the G+ announcement post, so check that out and see if you're persuaded.

Talon for Twitter
Talon for Twitter
Developer: Luke Klinker
Price: $2.99+