When Google announced the Marshmallow update for Android Wear, the focus was on the new wrist gestures and the addition of speaker support — as well as sending voice messages, which has been possible for a while. However, it turns out that there are other features lurking in this update, as spotted in the Moto 360 2nd gen's release notes.

In the update's details, Motorola talks about the new wrist gestures, but also a lot of other additions:

  • New language-country pairs: Mandarin (Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong), Indonesian (Indonesia), Polish (Poland), Dutch (Netherlands), and Thai (Thailand). But remember, your watch will always follow your phone's language preference.
  • Doze mode: recognizes when your watch is idle (not charging and not in active use) and puts it in a deep sleep state to preserve power.
  • App permissions: Settings > Permissions will list all of the installed apps on your watch and all of their permissions. Tapping a permission will disable it.
  • Independent date and time from your phone: Settings > Date & time lets you switch automatic date & time and automatic timezone off, then manually set them as you want.
  • Screen dimming: turns your screen off or switches to Ambient mode when the watch is not in use, to preserve battery and improve privacy.
  • Moto Body Running: tracks indoor runs (time, pace, distance, heart rate) and syncs with other apps.
  • Bluetooth and performance improvements, various bug fixes.

Out of these, we can assume that the first 4 won't be exclusive to the 360, but will come to all Wear watches. The screen dimming's description isn't very clear in explaining how it differs from how Wear watches currently work (does it mean that watches will now not only turn on based on the sensor, but also off, instead of just relying on the timeout?) so there's no way of knowing whether it's a Moto 360-only feature or a global Wear one. The Moto Body Running is definitely exclusive to Motorola's watches, and the improvements and fixes could be either.

Motorola says the update will be rolling to the Moto 360 in the next few days, same as what Google said about the Marshmallow update to all Wear devices. If you're anxious to get it, there's nothing you can do beside sit and wait. Oh and make sure your battery never dips below 50% because you'll need that to install the update whenever the pop-up appears.