People rate public speaking as one of their greatest fears, usually right between crocodile attacks and terrorism. The miracle of Google Cardboard can help you get over that fear with a little app called Public Speaking for Cardboard. Just fire up the app and you'll be transported in front of an audience to practice your speech as they stare awkwardly at you.

There are two locations available in the app right now, a small conference room with a handful of people (including one lady who won't stop using her iPad while you're talking) and a large auditorium with a few dozen audience members. In both venues is a screen that you can use to show your own custom slides for a presentation, and a timer in front of you to keep track of how long you've been talking. You can look around in 360 degrees, and the app also includes ambient noises to make the experience more real. If it's all too much, you can disable the audience animation.

Public Speaking for Cardboard is a pretty clever app, and the developers are planning to add a few more features soon including additional locations, voice recording, and more direct eye contact in smaller environments. The horror...

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