If you're not aware of the existence of a man named Eldar Murtazin, I'm inclined to consider you lucky. But now you're about to hear of him anyway, because the sometimes-right (but often not) mobile industry veteran and serial rumor-monger was the subject of a spate of posts on blogs over the last two days for claims he didn't even make.

While I'm as quick as anyone to call BS on just about anything Murtazin claims, what happened recently with a decided non-statement of Murtazin's is a bit aggravating. Around a day-and-a-half ago, Murtazin tweeted the following.

The (rough) Twitter translation of this is: "The new generation of Samsung are very long and well (brightness 75 %), lte always (3 GB) and two simka [ed: SIM]." The accompanying screenshots show over 4 hours of screen-on time and roughly 2 days off the charger. Where in this tweet do you find the words "Galaxy S7"? If you answered "nowhere," congratulations, you're apparently more discerning than your average tech blogger. The next day, Murtazin saw one of the first articles claiming his tweet insinuated he had a Galaxy S7 and clarified (via Twitter translation): "Here the claim that these are my screenshots with S7, but it isn't) incorrectly read what I write."

Murtazin later clarified that his statement and screenshots were based on experience with a Galaxy A5 and A7.

The existence of these clarifying tweets has apparently not proven an especially difficult inconvenience to overcome. And with the via / secondary source telephone game in full effect at this point, it seems unlikely that retractions from all outlets who posted this alleged "news" will be forthcoming any time soon.

Just a reminder, everyone: don't believe everything you read on the internet. And yes, that is one big pile of shit.

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