The Jaybird X2 Bluetooth earphones are a great piece of kit. I don't know this firsthand. Artem loves them, I know that. And when they drop below $130 dollars, well, Jeff considers that dang near impulse buy territory. The two of us have different gauges for how cheap a pair of earphones needs to be to qualify as an impulse buy, but in case you agree with Jeff, the Jaybird X2 has again dipped in price on Amazon.

The numbers vary by color and style. Some will cost you between $135 and $160. That's below the product's $180 launch price, but if you really want to save money, go for those ones sitting at around $128.

Here are two options you can find at that price range:

The prices fluctuate as you change colors or add in fitness bands and stock may be limited, so click carefully before adding the earphones to your Amazon shopping cart.