Verizon is not traditionally known as a good carrier for those on a budget, but the strong growth of T-Mobile has encouraged Big Red to make some changes. The latest tweak to Verizon's offerings comes in the form of extra data for prepaid users. You can get a 1GB boost for enabling auto-pay.

In order to get this deal, you need to be on the $45 2GB plan or the $60 5GB plan. When you activate a new smartphone and sign up for auto-pay, you'll get 1GB of data added to your account. So, that's 3GB for $45 and 6GB for $60 (T-Mobile's Simple Choice Prepaid plans charge $65 for 6GB). The free data starts when your first auto-payment goes through and will stop should you ever cancel auto-pay.

Although they aren't talking as much about it, Verizon also has a new $30 prepaid plan that includes unlimited talk and text like the others, but no mobile data. Some people might be into that, I suppose.