The saga of speaker support on Android Wear has been a long one. First we spotted the speaker inside the Huawei Watch despite no mention of it in any product documentation, then the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE was released with calling and speaker support only to be quickly canceled by LG, then Google officially announced cellular support on Wear without explaining how the speaker would work in that case, and finally a test build of Wear made it onto a user's device with an activated speaker for calls, alerts, and speech-to-text.

It looks like things are finally moving forward on the speaker support front with the latest edit to the Huawei Watch's Google Store page. 'Built-in speaker' is now one of the 4 highlighted features (replacing 'Crystal clear any time of day' if you must know). The short description mentions answering and placing phone calls on the watch, and hearing alarms and audio messages through supported apps.

That's all the information that has been disclosed at this point. Seeing the feature publicized for all potential buyers of the watch gives us hope that the Wear update that will enable this function is quasi-ready for the public. We can't tell when the update will roll or when the developer documentation will be updated to allow for apps to take advantage of the speaker (WhatsApp audio messages, anyone?). But it's still a sign that things are moving in the right direction.

We've known that the ASUS ZenWatch 2 has a speaker for a while, but it's now official too. The watch's Google Store page has been updated to mention the built-in speaker like the Huawei Watch. None of the other watches (Moto 360 2nd gen, LG Watch Urbane, Fossil Q Founder) show a speaker in their description.