Do you find yourself in need of charging solutions while traveling in your vehicle? Are there days then you are forced to decide between having a fully charged smartphone or a topped off tablet? Do you ever look longingly at your car charger and think, "Man, if I had just a couple more ports I could braid the cables the way I used to braid my pet unicorn's mane."

Well then, have I got great news for you! Tronsmart is having a mega-massive-monster blowout sale on QC 2.0 car chargers and there's one to fit every geek's mobile charging needs.

All the chargers feature one QC 2.0 port, the remaining ports have Volt IQ Technology which means they charge your gadgets at the appropriate rate. Every charger also includes a single 3.3ft 20AWG MicroUSB cable. What's that? You need more cables? Well, you're in luck! Tronsmart also has a six-pack of electronic licorice on sale.

All these Tronsmart goodies are very highly rated, with 4.5 stars or more. I have the 4 port charger in my car right now, and man, it sure makes me feel powerful when I see that thing plugged into my dashboard each morning. I love it cuz it charges my stuff and hasn't broken in the six months I've had it.

Ok guys, go buy yourself the multi-port car charger that meets your needs and enjoy the freedom of charging all your stuff while you drive.

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