T-Mobile continues to offer steep discounts to get people in the door, and today that means new discounts on the carrier's Family Match promo. These deals were originally launched about two months ago, and now T-Mobile is lowering the per-line cost and bringing back the free fourth line on Family Match.

There are three new Family Match options according to T-Mobile's breathless press release.

  • Four lines with unlimited data for $150 per month
  • Four lines with 10GB each for $120 per month
  • Two lines with 10GB each for $100 per month

The unlimited data promotion will probably be the most popular, but 10GB is good enough for a lot of people too. T-Mobile doesn't have any pre-determined end date for this plan, but it does guarantee you can keep these unlimited rates for at least two years. The other deals are permanent for as long as you're a customer.