There are many ways to pay for apps, games, and other digital goods on Google Play, but one of the most convenient ones is direct carrier billing. It doesn't require you to have a credit or debit card, to set up a Paypal account, or to go hunt for gift cards around your country's stores. All you have to do is just buy and you'll be billed with your operator — sure, some of them like to take a big fat percentage to their pockets, but there's the matter of added convenience.

Google has updated its support pages for direct carrier billing availability to include 4 new operators in 4 different countries: DNA in Finland, Smartone in Hong Kong, and Maxis in Malaysia. Wait, didn't I say 4? Those are 3. Well, the fourth is H3G is Denmark, but that's the same as Three (3) which was already on the list. The most major of these is Maxis which, according to Wikipedia, is Malaysia's top operator with over 13M subscribers. And then there's DNA, which is the first operator supported in Finland.

This means that direct carrier billing is either already live for these operators or will be soon. Fire up your fingers, some real purchasing is about to happen.