Headline says it all. Here's the ad.


First of all, I enjoy the ease with which Drake steps out of his role as a rapper and back into his acting shoes, as brief an example this may be. Second, Hotline Bling was begging to be used in a smartphone ad. I won't argue with T-Mobile over whether other carriers would ruin the song. Instead, there are broader questions here. Does Hotline Bling need the help? Why did no one stop Drake from moving his body like that?

Turns out, it's because they really wanted to move the same way. Here's the extended heavy-handed version that T-Mobile has since released.


Though, it doesn't look like anyone in the staff is in a better position to come up with decent choreography. The situation backstage only exacerbates the problem.

Judging from the teaser, this isn't all we should expect from T-Mobile during the Super Bowl. The carrier, excuse me, Un-Carrier, loves the attention. We'll have to wait and see what happens when the Carolina Panthers and Denver Bronco face off this Sunday, February 7th.

Until then, those of you who have managed to go all this time without seeing the music video for Drake's song, you're welcome.