Google announced podcasts were coming to Play Music back in October, but you've probably noticed they still aren't here. That brings us to popular Sportscaster Bill Simmons, who just tweeted that his "BS Podcast" will be on Play Music Podcasts... when it launches later this month.

Google usually likes to announce things like that itself rather than have someone casually mention it on Twitter, so I think we can safely assume Simmons wasn't supposed to let it slip. When Google announced podcast support, it noted it was working with big podcasters like TWiT, Hardcore History, and HowStuffWorks to fill out the selection of content before launch. That would explain how Simmons has information about the launch date. It's possible the secrecy of the announcement was not made clear to him, thus the leaking.

The tweet is still up, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him take it down after Google catches wind. We'll keep an eye out for an official announcement from Google in the meantime.

Tweet deleted

Okay, the tweet has been deleted, so we can safely assume this was based on some information that he was not supposed to share.