Hopper is a mobile app whose primary goal in life is to save you money on airplane tickets. Enter when and where you're flying, then wait for the app to come up with the most affordable way of making your trip. The journey may involve leaving in the middle of the night and waiting longer than you'd like, but hey, you're saving money on your flight. With the latest update, this piece of software will help you book it too.

QuickTap Booking will let you book flights in app. This way you don't have to redirect to another website and wait for that to load, possibly missing out on the deal. The video below shows the feature in action on iOS.

Other additions can cut down on time even further. Saving your payment information prevents you from having to reach for your credit card, and if you tend to travel with the same folk, you can save their traveler profiles as well.

Right now the app is limited to round-trip packages, but the changelog below says one-way flights are coming soon.

What's New:

  • You can now book flights directly in the Hopper app!
  • Booking flights just got stupid easy. Tap to select your flights, tap to add travelers, swipe to pay, and you're done! You'll be on your way in under a minute.
  • Additionally, checking out is faster than ever. Simply create a Hopper account to securely store all your passenger and payment details. This means you won’t have to re-enter your information every time you book a flight.
  • One-way flights are coming soon … stay tuned!