February's batch of factory images started turning up earlier today and Google followed up with a push to AOSP a few hours later. As usual, we've got some changelogs to look over. The focus this month appears to be entirely on sealing any holes that could be used by bad people to do bad things.

Google posted a security bulletin with a list of fixes found in this release, and there are a few pretty big ones this month. Five items have been tagged Critical, including two that allowed for remote code execution without any user interaction, and the remaining three could have been used for privilege escalation. Another four high priority issues and one moderate were also identified and fixed. It's important to note that some of these issues were resolved with updates to the proprietary binaries, not to AOSP, which explains why the changelogs are fairly sparse this month.

A few users have already checked out the latest factory images and reported that the Alarm / Do Not Disturb bug is still rearing its ugly head. Judging from the lack of changes to code for Doze mode, it seems that we'll have to wait a bit longer for some bug fixes to Marshmallows big battery-saving feature. Maybe we'll get a v6.0.2 update in the near future to cover some of the broader issues.

Note: We're still waiting on the Pixel C changes for build MXB48T to appear on AOSP. When they do, I'll update this list. Update: The Pixel C changelog for MXB48T is now available.