Device security is a pretty personal thing, and we all likely have a given level of security we're comfortable with before impracticality starts to get in the way. While a secure lock screen is highly advisable, some of us still don't even do that (which is slightly scary) because it can be an annoying barrier to using your phone.

Google knows this, and features like Smart Lock have attempted to combat lockscreen non-usage by linking device security to connected devices, your face, your location, your voice, or even whether your phone thinks it's actually on your person. The idea being that if you're too lazy or encumbered by a traditional lockscreen (or don't have a fingerprint scanner), your phone can have a variety of "safe" scenarios in which it's probably OK for your device to be unlocked, only locking when those conditions aren't met.

Even so, I know some of you aren't using a secure lockscreen! <wrist slapping gesture> But for those of you who are, I'd also like to know what kind of lockscreen, and what combination of secondary features you're using in combination with it. For example, if I have a Nexus 6P, I'm using the fingerprint scanner as my primary unlock method. But my backup is a PIN, and I also have smart lock enabled for two trusted devices and my home - but not on-body detection or trusted voice.

So, how do your secure your phone's lock screen? Let's get voting!

How do you secure your phone lock screen? Any secondary measures (e.g., smart lock)?

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Photo credit: David Schmidt