Sony has been rolling out Android 5.1 updates intermittently ever since last July... up to and past the point where Android 6.0's AOSP code has been available to manufacturers. The last few devices that received bumps to 5.1 were the Xperia C4 and C5 Ultra earlier this month, and today the Xperia M5 gets the same treatment. Users can wait for the over-the-air update alert in the usual manner, or use Sony's PC Companion computer program to download and install the update manually.

This "super mid-range" M5 was launched back in August, running Android 5.0 at launch, much to the consternation of Android fans who would have preferred the latest software. The phone uses Sony's ubiquitous and minimal industrial design with a 5-inch 1080p screen and an impressive 21.5MP rear camera, a MediaTek X10 processor, and 3GB of RAM paired to just 16GB of storage space. The 7.6mm-thin phone uses Sony's water-resistant body system and a 2600mAh battery.

To date, Sony hasn't released any device updates to Marshmallow, and hasn't said when those updates will be coming. But if you're an Xperia M5 owner looking for a silver lining, you'll be glad to hear that the phone is among those devices that were promised an Android 6.0 update last year.