Yahoo Mail may not have the proportion of users that it used to have, but there are still nearly as many people using the site as there are citizens in the US. With over 100 million installs, at least one or two people are using the Android app. Those folks are gaining a few new ways to manage their inbox in the latest update.

Like other mobile email apps, Yahoo Mail lets you interact with email by swiping. In this release, you can customize what those swipes do. If swiping left rather than right to delete makes more sense for you, go right ahead. And you can use the opposite direction to mark as read, favorite, archive, or do whatever you find logical.

These choices don't stop at your swipes. This update gives you the option to take action on notifications as they arrive. Two buttons will appear on the email, whichever two you selected for your swipes.

YahooMail1 YahooMail2

When you have too many messages to swipe individually, a new option has appeared that will let you select numerous items to bulk edit.

The Yahoo Mail update is rolling out globally, so there's a solid chance you can try out these changes right away.

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
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